About me

I was born in Osijek/Croatia in1948 as the first of three children of the Bohovic family. My father, a war-disabled ex-serviceman, had to struggle hard to support his family. I did not suffer from hunger,because we had a little farm,but we could not afford luxury articles like new clothes or toys. But as the proverb says "necessity is the mother of invention" - we were all very creative and so we made our toys ourselves. My grandmother was talented in sewing and made all our clothes.Everyone in our family was able to crochet and stich anyway. When it concerned a doll for me I was especially creative. The body was acorn cob,around the cob I wound rags,and as hair I used the fibres of the cob. I loved my doll as much as other children loved their expensive porcelain dolls from the shopwindows. 

    In 1967 I came to Austria and one year later I married my husband Erich.In the same year my daughter was born and six years later my son.The time of child rearing I used to dedicate myself to my hobbies.They were manifold,crocheting,knitting sewing,gobelin stitching and others.

When my children had grown up and I had more time to myself I began to make witches by stuffing old tights with cottonwool. They were  very popular at that time (1991).Inspired by Elli Riel (ragdolls). I started to create other dolls,children and old people.The collectors liked to buy them and also use them for the Christmas cradles. But I was not satisfied yet.



"Always try out something new" was my motto and so I attended a course for making porcelain dolls one day.

But that was not the right thing for me.I hated always to have to copy other dolls,and also the dirt that is caused when you work with clay was getting on my nerves.
I was looking for a material with which I could make my own,true- to- life dolls.Then I heard of a doll-modelling course inGermany where they worked with "cernit".Finally I had found the ideal material.Later I changed to "modelene",as this material gave the  skin of the dolls a more natural effect.In endless hours and with a lot of self-study I modelled various figures,clowns and dolls.Every detail ,also the clothing, was handmade.In this time I already won some prizes and awards,and I made my hobby my job.

In 1996  my breakthrough happened  when I was making lifesize doll babies.Since that time I have been well-known all over the world,especially in thrUSA, where I have taken part successfully in various competitions and exhibitions.

For three years my Babys are reproduced by big firms in Silikonvinyl oder Vollvinyl.

The greatest award I have ever received was the "Darling of the Public" prize, -to see how much the new mummies love my dolls.I hope I will be able to give joy to many more collectors, and I thank my customers for their loyalty.